Classes for Toddlers to Preschoolers – 1 year to 4 years.

Art N MoveART ‘N’ MOVE is a stimulating, fun program that will build your child’s skills, confidence and independence.

Our activities encourage your toddler or preschooler to explore and experience new sensations and use their imagination, as they develop physical, social and intellectual skills.


All activities and developmental skills are linked through a weekly theme and each 45-minute session includes:


  • Promotes listening and language skills
  • Develops rhyme and repetition
  • Helps children discover the world around them
  • Expands imagination through puppets

Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play

  • Allows children to think abstractly as they recall and recreate experiences
  • Stimulates imagination
  • Develops vocabulary
  • Promotes cooperation and sharing ideas
  • Uses props and make-believe to deepen children’s understanding of the world

Music and Movement


  • Combining movement with music:
  • Develops both sides of the child’s brain
  • Helps to improve children’s large and small muscle skills, balance and coordination
  • Stimulates social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development
  • Sharpens listening skills as children gain awareness of musical tempo and pitch

Art and Craft

  • From painting, to printing to collage – we emphasise the creative process, not the end product.
  • Each child’s artistic expression is unique – there is no right or wrong and children take pride in their accomplishments.


  • Learn to plan, observe and explore as they make decisions to bring their unique creations to life
  • Develop fine motor skills as they maneuver items used in creating their artwork, and hold utensils such as paintbrushes and rollers

Interactive Play

What is this? Exploring our array of developmental toys, children:

  • Use their imagination
  • Stimulate their curiosity
  • Experience the joy of discovery
  • How does it work? Figuring out how things tick, children:
  • Solve problems
  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Strengthen and control body muscles
  • Parents too benefit from learning about the skills children develop with suitable developmental toys.

ART ‘N’ MOVE features:

Experienced teachers plus an assistant

3 age groups – Activities are age appropriate, designed specifically for toddlers and preschoolers

Small classes – allowing our teacher and her assistant to interact with each child individually and to channel their spirit and creativity – parents and carers also join the fun.