Interactive Play and Movement Classes for babies 6 months – 14 months.

Play N MoveLearn how to have a positive impact on your child’s play.

PLAY ‘N’ MOVE is a dynamic program of play activities that provides a head start for learning and development.


80% of brain growth occurs in the first 2-3 years of a child’s life. Play is the key to your baby’s early cognitive, physical and emotional development. Play teaches babies to think and discover how things work – they learn to see, understand and order the world around them in their own unique way.

PLAY ‘N’ MOVE activities will:
Stimulate your baby’s imagination

Encourage a sense of play and creativity

Enhance Learning

Nurture Developmental skills

Play N MovePLAY ‘N’ MOVE incorporates Story time and Puppet-show, Music and Movement, Interactive play and Parachute activities.

45-minute sessions include activities that focus on a specific area of your baby’s development.

Weekly handouts reinforce the week’s developmental focus to:

  • Help you understand how your baby grows and learns
  • Provide you with activities to do at home with baby


Let PLAY ‘N’ MOVE help baby and you get off to a flying, fun start.

PLAY ‘N’ MOVE features:

Experienced teachers plus an assistant

Age appropriate activities for babies in our specially designed studio

Small classes – allow our teacher and her assistant to interact with each child individually and to channel their spirit and creativity, while parents and carers also join the fun.